Excursions (extra fee needed)

We are offering a short tour on the afternoon of November 8 exclusively for icha participants. The tour will take place at the following five locations. Please choose a course and apply for it if you wish. We would be happy if you could get out of Hiroshima City a little and see various aspects of Hiroshima.

How to apply

Please register through the Amarys registration system.
Please check the outline in Amarys system before applying.

Course 1 : Iwakuni

Iwakuni is a city located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, neighboring on the west side of Hiroshima. There are the Kintaikyo Bridge, one of the three famous bridges in Japan, and the restored Iwakuni Castle.

Kintaikyo Bridge

Designated as a "Place of Scenic Beauty", the five-arched wooden bridge over the clear Nishiki River is famous for an unparalleled bridge in the world.

Iwakuni Castle

The only scenic castle in Yamaguchi Prefecture with the scent of history and culture. Inside the castle, a scale model of the Kintaikyo Bridge, photographs, and armors are on display.

In the castle town, there are shops with 165 kinds of ice cream flavors and facilities where you can see the white snake, which is said to be the incarnation of the gods.

Course 2 : Kumano

Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Kumano brush

Kumano brush is one of Hiroshima's traditional crafts. It has a history of about 180 years and is said to account for about 80% total production in Japan.
Fudenosato Kobo is a brush museum where you can see, touch, and experience the spreading world of brushes, such as arts and crafts born from brushes.
Inside the museum, you can enjoy a permanent exhibition tracing the history of the brush, including the world's largest brush with a total length of 3.7 meters. Also, you have demonstrations of brush making by traditional craftsmen, and various experiences using brushes.

Course 3 : Saijo

Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Saijo is well known as one of the three most famous Sake brewing areas in Japan.
Due to the favorable climate and groundwater for sake brewing, Saijo is known as one of the most prominent Sake Capitals of Japan. Even now, there are seven breweries here, and sake brewing continues with traditional methods.
Enjoy the charming townscape full of history and culture with its red brick chimneys, traditional namako-walls, and Saijo-style latticework.

Course 4 : Onomichi

Onomichi is a warm port town located in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture.
On the mountain side, there is a scenic townscape loved by many literati and ink tourists, and on the seaside, there is the Shimanami Kaido, where you can enjoy cycling along the 70km long sea road.

This time we will introduce you to the walking around "Yamate district", with old temples, and Senkoji-Park, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers.

Course 5 : Miyajima

Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Miyajima is one of the three scenic spots in Japan. The island literally means “shrine island”. The island itself has been considered a sacred island and worshipped for its breathtaking beauty since ancient times. It is famous for its shrine built on the sea, and the orange Otorii gate is an iconic symbol of Miyajima.
It is an Important Cultural Property.

Itsukushima shrine

It was rebuilt by Taira-no-Kiyomori in the 12th century. The main shrine is dedicated to three goddesses. When the tide is high, it looks as if floating on the sea. It was registered as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1996.

For the excursion of the conference, we are planning to charter the sightseeing high-speed cruiser "SEA-SPICA".