VISA Information

1. Countries or Regions that DO NOT require a visa to enter Japan

Japan has taken measures on the visa exemption arrangements for 68 countries/regions as shown in the chart below. However, visa exemption conditions and length of stay vary from country to country. See the “Note” at the link carefully.
Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay) | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (

2. Countries or Regions that REQUIRE a visa to enter Japan

Please refer to the web site below.
VISA | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (

All foreign nationals/people who are not subject to the visa exemption measures implemented by the Government of Japan and reside in the following countries/region are eligible to apply for a visa online;
Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America

* Nationals/Citizens of the visa exemption measures countries/region including Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Unites Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America are exempt from obtaining visas for short-term stay. Nevertheless, please note that nationals of Indonesia who reside in the abovementioned countries/region may apply for visa online, if they don’t possess a “visa waiver registration” (seal or in electronic form).

Those who DO NOT fall under any of the above visa exemption nor e-visa application will need to apply for a regular visa at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate with the jurisdiction. In this case, several documents are required to obtain a visa (the required documents vary from country to country). Please email (with a title “VISA inquiry”) to the LOC ( first, before you start document preparation. The LOC will provide the necessary documents while interacting with you. The process will begin in July, and the deadline will be at the end of August to have enough time to apply for a visa after the documents prepared by the LOC arrive to you. We do not accept inquiries related to visa applications after the end of August.