Venue & Facility Information

The top resort hotel in West Japan against a backdrop of blue sea and sky, Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima.

What makes Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima different from other good hotels in Hiroshima is its location. Surrounded by natural beauty of the Seto Inland Sea dotted with small green islands and the Motoujina National Park. The hotel’s retreat-like setting provides the guests a sense of serenity and ‘being away from the everyday hustle and bustle’ for. The high-class hotel is proud to have been venues for several significant international meetings including the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in April 2016 and the 13th World Telecommunication ICT Indicators Symposium in November of 2015.


The hotel is located just beside a harbor where you can board a cruise ship Ginga or Galaxy. An express ferry connecting to Miyajima (26 minutes), which will make it possible for you to visit in the evenings after the meeting, is also available.


The hotel is about a 45-minute drive by highway from Hiroshima Airport and a 20-minute drive from Hiroshima Railway Station. Participants staying at different hotels in the city center can also easily reach Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima by streetcar.

Cutting-edge technology and extensive internet environment

Capacity to meet your needs, Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima’s main banquet room, the largest of all hotel banquet rooms in Hiroshima, accommodates up to 1,500 participants in theater style. With its over 10 banquet rooms and 36 private dining rooms in its restaurants, it can suite a wide range of requirements of an international meeting. The internet connection (up to 1,000 Mbps) is available almost anywhere in the hotel including the banquet rooms, guest rooms and restaurants.

Great International Conferences held at Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

  • Feb.2010 APEC Japan 2010 Senior Officials’ Meeting Ⅰ
  • Nov.2010 World Summit of Peace Laureates
  • Apr.2014 Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative (NPDI) Meeting
  • Aug.2015 25th UN Conference on Disarmament Issues
  • Nov.2015 13th World Telecommuniation ICT Indicators Symposium
  • Apr.2016 G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting
APEC Japan 2010 Senior Officials’ MeetingⅠ
World Summit of Peace Laureates
25th UN Conference on Disarmament Issues